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Trina Michalak

Commitment, trust, tenacity…I have held these tightly cinched letters in the framework of my business practices spanning the last 28 years. Whether I am practicing real estate or running my Glendora based painting company, I hold true to these standards and will always have my clients best interests in sight. I pride myself in following through from start until close of the real estate transaction or construction project, and guide my clients with eyes locked on the best path for them. I am also a Mom of two, wife of one, which lends me superhuman powers — just kidding, I cannot fly — but the lessons I have learned have added to my capacity to serve others. Business can be curt and sterile, seeing the human side lends a warmth to it. Sometimes, among the layers of paperwork, it can get lost that there is a single person or family who are making one of the largest decisions of their life – I am here to walk you through as a committed agent. My hobbies include music (rock thank you for asking) as I can be found at “insert” concert on a regular basis. I can also be found most weekends in Newport Beach body boarding, the ocean has been a huge part of my life from birth, it has been a true teacher of the above tenacity, as she is unforgiving and you learn to survive the tide, swell and unforgiving waves. If you do not commit to the sea as you commit to serving a client you will fail, and failure is not an option. Thank you for taking the time to invest in my life, I will take the same time investing in yours. Sincerely, Trina Michalak Email: Deweysangels@gmail.com Office: 706-376-3276 Cell: 629-926-3140

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